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Acceptance of Use

Story Squad is pleased to offer its services and resources to parents and their children. By registering for an account, purchasing a subscription, or using the site, you confirm that you understand and accept the following terms. If you (the adult user) do not agree with the following terms of service, you and your children should not use Story Squad. We may immediately terminate your access to Story Squad if you fail to comply with any provision of these terms.

Term Changes

The following terms may occasionally be updated at Story Squad's discretion. Should Story Squad's('our') Terms of Service change, we (Story Squad) will make every reasonable effort to notify you via email and to obtain your continued consent. We suggest that you review these terms on a regular basis to ensure that you still understand and accept their contents. By continuing to use the site, you are agreeing to and accepting any amendments.

Intended Audience

Story Squad is intended for children in 3rd through 6th grade, as well as their parents or legal guardians.Anyone who is not part of one of these audiences may not use Story Squad. Any account identified as belonging to or being controlled by someone who is not part of our target audience will be immediately deleted, and the user's access will be blocked.

Account Access and Security

Every Story Squad account consists of at least two users: the designated Parental User - who must be a legal adult in accordance with the laws of their jurisdiction - and a child or children of whom the Parental User has legal guardianship. It is the responsibility of you,the Parental User, to maintain the confidentiality of your password and other account information that you provide by not sharing this information with others. You are expected to take reasonable measures to maintain your own confidentiality and to promptly notify us of any unauthorized use of your Story Squad account.

By creating an account, you agree that any information you provide is accurate and up-to-date. You also agree not to impersonate or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with anyone else's identity. We reserve the right to verify the accuracy of information you provide.

Story Squad does not allow search-indexing or public access to the profiles or creative content of its users.

Subscription Fees

Story Squad is a paid subscription service.

By activating a subscription, you agree that we may automatically renew your subscription under the same subscription terms on the next business day after your previous subscription ends, unless you cancel your subscription before that point. When a subscription renewal would normally fall on a day that does not occur in the current month (for example, a subscription that would normally occur on the 31st, in a month like February which has only 28 days) your subscription will renew on the last day of the current month.

We retain the right to change our fee structure at any time at our sole discretion, and these changes will apply to you and your account at the end of your current subscription period. We will notify you by email of any changes to the subscription price before renewing at said price. You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the subscription section of your dashboard.

We may offer promotional trial subscriptions, fee waivers, or special pricing at our discretion. These special subscriptions are subject to their own payment terms.

As part of the process of registering a child user, you must either use a credit card or other payment mechanism accepted by us to create your subscription, which provides us with verified parental consent for your child's use of the service.

By providing your payment information, you authorize us to charge you through a third-party payment processor.By accepting these terms, you acknowledge that, in the event the third-party processor experiences a data breach through no fault of Story Squad, Story Squad is in no way liable or responsible to you for the breach or any consequences thereof.

You are responsible for charges(including any applicable taxes) relating to any subscription, service, or merchandise that you order through Story Squad. If we do not receive payment from the payment mechanism you use, you agree to pay any amounts due upon our demand.You are solely responsible for any disputes with your financial institution or payment provider, and for any charges which your provider levies against you.

Our Intellectual Property

All text, graphics, photographs,illustrations, works of fiction, logos, animations, videos, sounds, music,artwork, computer code, likenesses, and the arrangements thereof, as well as all other forms of content defined in U.S. law as 'Intellectual Property'created by Story Squad (hereafter referred to as 'our content') is protected by U.S. and international copyright, trademark, and IP rights to the fullest extent of the law. By using the website, and subject to your strict compliance with these terms and subscription fees, we offer you a limited, nonexclusive,revocable, non-assignable and nontransferable license to access, display, view,and use our content as necessary to participate in the Story Squad service. No part of our content may be used outside of our services without our express,written consent. You do not own our content, and you are not authorized to modify, distribute, upload, post, publicly display, or otherwise use our content in ways not covered by these terms.

Your Intellectual Property

In order to participate in Story Squad, children must submit creative content including fictional stories,artwork, and peer reviewing (hereafter referred to as 'your content'). All content submitted by users is the intellectual property of that user, in so much as it does not infringe upon our intellectual property or the intellectual property of other entities. By uploading to Story Squad, you affirm that your content was not created, copyrighted, or trademarked by another person.Plagiarized content will immediately be removed and the account placed under review.

By uploading your content to Story Squad, you grant us a limited, nonexclusive, revocable, worldwide, fully paid license to use, store, copy, and display your content for the purposes of facilitating the user's participation on the Story Squad platform. You may revoke this permission at any time by changing your settings on your dashboard or contacting us at the email below. Please be aware that revocation of this license on your part may require us to terminate your account.

We may monitor, screen, modify, and remove your content at any time in order to conform to these terms, remove content we deem offensive, and/or protect the privacy of our users.

The subject matter of all content,both ours and yours, is understood to be fictional in nature. Any similarities to real world events are purely coincidental.

General Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

Our services and content are provided on an 'as is', 'as available' basis with all faults. We make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, about the functionality or fitness for a particular purpose of the site, app, service, or content therein. Your access to and use of our site, app, and service are at your sole risk.

By using the site or service you understand and agree that, to the fullest extent permissible by law, Story Squad is not responsible or liable for damages of any kind related to your use or inability to use the service, errors or omissions on the part of either party, or a child user's performance on the platform.

We have made every reasonable effort to account for common situations in the terms above. However, some situations may not be covered. We reserve the right to take any and all action on your account and content, at our discretion.

Contacting Us

For any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please do not hesitate to contact us at