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FrequentlyUsed Terms

AtStory Squad, we believe it is important to use plain, clear language whereverpossible. The following terms and definitions are provided in order to clarifythe policy's language.

StorySquad - hereafter also referred to as "us" or"we."

Users -anyone who accesses or uses the Story Squad app or site. Users may further becategorized into two groups, as follows:

ParentalUser - hereafter also referenced as "you." It isunderstood that the primary user of an account is an adult over the age of 18,who serves as the parent or legal guardian of a minor or minors who access thesite.

Child(ren) - theminor or minors, under the age of 13, for whom you are creating a Child Accountand to whom the site's content is primarily targeted.

ParentAccount - your account, through which you will control yoursubscription, account settings, and privacy options as well as any childaccounts that you create.

ChildAccount - a subsection of your parent account. The Child Accountconsists of any personal information about a minor that you provide, as well asthe platform through which a child under your care may interact with the site.

PersonalInformation - information that directly or indirectly identifies auser, such as the user's name, email, or payment details. In addition,anonymous information which is associated with a specific user (or that user'spersonal details) is also considered personal information for the purposes ofthis policy.

AnonymousInformation - information that cannot reasonably be used to identify,directly or indirectly, an individual.

AggregateInformation - information about groups or categories of users whichcannot be used to identify an individual user.

COPPA -COPPA stands for the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, a federalregulation passed by U.S. Congress in 1998 and enforced by the Federal TradeCommission (FTC). Story Squad operates in full compliance with COPPA. For moreinformation on what the Act entails, please visit the FTC's website.


StorySquad is committed to protecting the privacy of anyone who accesses our siteand app. This Privacy Policy explains the ways in which we collect informationfrom users, what we do with that information, and how users may remove ormodify their information. Story Squad follows this privacy policy in compliancewith applicable law in the places where we operate. If necessary, Story Squadmay provide additional privacy notices relevant to specific situations; thosenotices are to be read and considered in conjunction with this policy.

Theinformation that you, the parent, provide to us via a third-party platform (forexample, your web browser or mobile device) may be collected separately bythose third-party platforms. The information that Story Squad collects iscovered by this privacy policy. Privacy choices that you have made with otherentities are not related to our privacy policy. We can not control and are notresponsible for the privacy practices of entities we do not own.

WhatInformation We Collect

StorySquad requires and collects from users only that information which is necessaryto fulfill the functions of our site and app. This information falls into twocategories: Information Users Provide to Us and InformationWe Collect from Users. In addition, we may combine these two types ofinformation to create Aggregate Information, as defined in thefrequently used terms above.

InformationYou Provide - We ask Parental Users for personal information aboutthemselves and their child(ren) in order to provide our services. This informationincludes the parental user's first and last name, email address, password, andpayment information as well as the child's grade level, display name, and sitepreferences.

InformationChildren Provide - Story Squad features activities which rely on child-generatedcontent. These activities allow children to submit and interact with contentsuch as avatar selection, text fields, and image upload buttons, through whichthey can submit their own creative content. The types of creative contentcollected include fictional stories, art, and written reviews of otherchildren's content. All creative work is understood by all parties to befictional in nature and not a factual account of any real-world experience.

Creationof a child account (which includes a payment process) will be considered'high-level consent' for the above outlined activities in accordance withCOPPA. In the case that we become aware of information collected from a childoutside of that outlined in our privacy policy, we will either (a) immediatelydelete the information or (b) immediately seek high-level consent from theparental account in relation to the collected information.

InformationWe Collect - We may automatically collect certain information from thecomputers or mobile devices of users, such as type of operating system, IPaddress, web browser, information about the websites that users visit from andgo to after visiting Story Squad, links clicked and pages viewed within thesite or app, interactions with e-mail messages we send, ISP info, and otherstandard server log information. We may use tracking technologies like tokens,software development tools, and program interfaces to collect this informationautomatically.

HowWe Use Your Information

StorySquad uses your information only to provide and improve on our services to you,and to comply with any applicable laws. In order to do this, we may use yourinformation to (a) provide our service to you, (b) communicate with you aboutyour account details and transactions or to request feedback, (c) personalizeyour experience, (d) use analytical tools to better understand and optimize ourservice, (e) detect, investigate, and prevent illegal activities or policyviolations, and (f) to notify you of and obtain parental consent for children'sactivities.

Inaddition, as a child directed application, Story Squad vows to limit thecollection and use of children's information to that which is reasonable andnecessary in order for the children to participate in our activities. Allchild-created content will be screened and, should it contain personallyidentifiable information outside of the scope of pre-existing parental consent,immediately seek to receive consent for the content and/or delete it from ourdatabase.

Whenand How We Share Information

Theinformation we share with others (and which entities we share it with) dependson the type of information. In most cases, information we collect is only usedinternally. Exceptions include child created content which is uploaded for publicationas well as display names and avatars which exist on public-facing pages. We mayalso share information from users, both adult and child, to our serviceproviders if the information is necessary for them to perform a business,professional, or technology support function.

StorySquad will disclose personal information in response to a court order or asubpoena, in compliance with U.S. law. In addition, we may disclose personalinformation of adults or children within the scope of all applicable laws,either in response to the requests of law enforcement or government agenciesand/or if we believe the legal disclosure of such information may prevent theinstigation of a crime, facilitate public safety, or protect the welfare of achild using our site or application. We also reserve the right to use personalinformation to protect the security and integrity of our site and app, and totake precautions against liability.

StorySquad will not share the information we collect with third parties for the purposesof advertisement or monetization outside of the program's stated services.

YourOptions and Control of Information

As aparental user, you have a variety of options for controlling, updating, anddeleting your information, as well as the information of your child. You mayuse the controls found across the site and app to update your information andset your preferences, and you may ask us to delete your account at any time.You may also request access to a record of all the personal information we storeabout you, and ask that we update or delete it.

Likewise,parental users may at any time refuse or revoke permission for us to collectfurther personal information from your child, and can request that we deleteyour child's records from our database. This includes asking us to remove someor all of your child's created content.

Pleasebe aware that revoking permissions or deleting information may limit orterminate the ability of you or your child to participate in the service.

DataRetention and Security

StorySquad highly values the privacy, integrity, and security of your information.As such, we have implemented multiple layers of security designed to protectyour information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, and modification.While we regularly review and update our approaches to security and datamanagement, it is important to be aware that no security measure is foolproof.In consideration of the inherent vulnerability of online data, Story Squad willonly retain your information for as long as it is needed to fulfill thefunctions outlined in this privacy policy, or in accordance with applicablelaw.


It mayoccasionally become necessary to update this policy in order to comply with newlaws or regulations, or to accommodate new technologies or business practices.Should our Privacy Policy change, we will provide notice to you and, ifnecessary, require renewed consent as applicable in accordance with the law.This notification may consist of an email to the address you furnished us with,or as a notification on our own platforms as best suits the circumstances orthe policy changes themselves.


Forany questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate tocontact us at